Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit in using 'Prowess' services?

Outsourcing your billing is an effective way to use our expertise in medical billing to save you time and administration overheads. Our small processing fee is charged only when payment is recovered, which means we only get paid when you do.

Is it smart to let my billing go out to a medical billing company?

Industry experts agree, it's not only smart, it's good business to concentrate on providing quality medical care – and outsource ancillary functions, like billing.

How does this reduce my administrative headaches?

You no longer have to worry about a billing office staff. We are responsible for hiring, training and supervision. You don't have to provide office space and storage for the billing office. You don't have to worry about the computer or software. We take care of all those details including patient inquires. All you need is a simple Internet connection in your office to use for patient lookup, to generate charge tickets, and for appointment scheduling (if you choose that service).

Will your services make my office "paperless"?

Yes. The web based application we provide is designed to eliminate paper by providing state of the art electronic documentation and imaging functionalities. With this software, all your paper documents can be scanned and electronically stored from an easy to use interface.

What about confidentiality of the information I provide to 'Prowess'?

All information that is communicated to 'Prowess' about both clients and patients is treated in the strictest confidence. No one, apart from 'Prowess' staff, is permitted access to any information held by the organization.
Web-based application that we provide has several specific features that help you to manage the security and confidentiality of your information, including provider passwords, locked screens, access restrictions, and audit trails.
we are fully HIPAA compliant and fully guarantee patient data confidentiality.

Who will provide training?

Our application is inbuilt with lot of training videos and any user can join the ongoing live webinars.

Does money collected go into my account or yours?

Benefits paid for your claims will always be transferred directly into your nominated bank account. Unlike some organizations, which hold onto your money in their trust accounts, there is absolutely no lag time. You have access to the income you have generated as soon as the health fund transfers it to your nominated bank account.

How do you manage arrears?

That is our expertise, we understand the health funds policies and procedures, who to contact and the appropriate language used in the industry to expedite payments and avoid delays. We mediate between your needs and their requirements.
Each of the Health Funds has its own specific way of doing business. Take advantage of the specialized knowledge we have and leave us to liaise with the Health Funds on your behalf to get your claims paid promptly.
If you have any outstanding claims, we will keep you advised about their status through our monthly reporting.

Can data from my existing software be transferred and used?

This depends on how your existing software handles data exports. If your software can export all its data to an electronic format, we may be able to convert it into our formats at a small additional cost to you.

Do I have control of my data?

Yes! You have access to all your data through our web- based application.

How will I know that my claims are being submitted properly and on time?

We believe that our relationship with you should be 100% transparent. Every week you will receive a detailed claims report detailing each and every claim submission made within that week. You will be able to verify that every claim has been submitted accurately according to the information provided. The report will include details of the claim, including patient information, the total charge of the claim, the insurance company accepting the claim, and so on.

Why do some billing firms only charge by the claim vs. a percentage of collected revenue?

Many new billing companies will charge you a flat fee per claim because they are normally only skilled in the initial "transmission or submission" of the claim to the insurance company.  Frankly, this is something you could do internally.  Most tenured billing firms will charge you a percentage of what they collect.  They are more compelled to work harder, follow through with secondary submissions, denials and work to get you the highest reimbursement possible – a "win-win" for both.

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